Kinoto Japanese Restaurant


KINOTO Japanese restaurant welcomes you to an enjoyable dining experience.
The word Otsu(乙) is the surname of the owner and chef of KINOTO. This character can be read in two different ways. The word KINOTO is the alternative way for this character to be read and is how the name of the store came about.

Yoshihiro Otsu is the head chef and owner of KINOTO, Robina's Newest Japanese Restaurant. With over 20 years of International experience within the food industry having worked in both Japan and Australia, he uses his vast array of knowledge & experience at KINOTO to create his own unique tasting Traditional Japanese Cuisine.

We look forward to seeing you here and experiencing the taste for yourself!!!


Kinoto Ramen
Ramen Noodles with a pork bone broth.
Kinoto Takana Ramen
Ramen Noodles, Spicy Takana with a pork
bone broth.
きのとラーメン きのと高菜ラーメン



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